“Bumper Balls”

The Bumper Ball

Bumper Ball, also known as Bubble Football or Zorb Soccer is a relatively new kind of fun sport which began a few years ago in Scandinavia and is now spreading all over the globe, thanks to a rapidly growing fan base. Imagine playing a game of football while you’re in a giant bubble bouncing off other players. Here each player is almost fully covered by a giant transparent ball and you will be competing against each other in teams.

Once you try it out, you will almost feel like on another planet with limited laws of gravitation, while you are bouncing around the other players. Full body use is mandatory in a Bumper Ball game. The stronger you push and bump into your opponents, the higher they will jump around within their balls. This is a kind of sport where even bystanders will have a great time and a good laugh.

TPU material

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a highly elastic, non-toxic material, which has been tested for greater durability. In contrast to the commonly available PVC balls, our TPU balls are not only more durable, but way more pleasant to wear thanks to the special structure and elasticity. We only use Bumper balls, which are made of 100% TPU material.

Rules of participation

The most important rule is, do not show up under the influence of alcohol or any other psychoactive substance!

In addition, you shall only participate in the game if you do not have had a recent record of any serious diseases or surgical interventions within the last 6 months. Since Bumper Ball Soccer is a fun sport, you need to feel physically fit enough to play.